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Updated: Feb 12, 2020

I am often contacted by people who are starting their own business. They have an amazing idea, as well as the drive and ambition to make it work.

That being said when it comes to the legal standing of their business they just do not know where to start. The business world can be a minefield, especially in those early days.

After being asked for the same information by a multitude of different business owners I have come up with a solution! Coming soon, my expert guide to setting up your business and covering all bases in the early days.

The full version will cover all you need to know including the following:

  • Do I register as a sole trader or limited company?

  • What impact will being a sole trader or ltd company have on tax and liabilities?

  • How do I register with HMRC as self employed?

  • What accountancy records do I need to keep when setting up a business?

  • Accountancy jargon buster - What does "reconcile my accounts" actually mean?

  • How can I save money on tax when working from home?

  • How do I choose the right accountant / bookkeeper?

  • Do I really need an accountant or can I do it myself?

And much more! Get in touch to pre-order my free "Beginning in Business" guide. You can email me at or contact me via the page on the site.

For those of you who just can't wait for answers to those burning questions, you can find lots of information on the website, head to and take a look. If you end up with more questions than answers, get in touch. I offer a variety of packages for small businesses and company directors, which are surprisingly affordable and offer great value for money.

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