Accountancy, but not as you expect it.

Hi, I am Leanne, and I have a confession to make.

I'm an accountant.

I know it's almost like I am confessing to a crime. Yes, I saw your eyes glaze and a dull look run across your face, even a little sigh (it happens all the time). I get it, honestly I do. We do not have a great reputation. If you say accountant people automatically think of someone with no personality who gets excited over a new tax notification. 

I should just get it out here I'm not that person. I like to have fun and I am usually to be found dancing and singing (badly) around, much to the objection of my family. Fear not, I promise I will avoid singing or dancing during a meeting (unless it is called for, of course!) But I can offer you the wealth of my 10+years of accountancy knowledge and experience, numerous qualifications and most importantly I am a licensed practice owner. 


You can be confident you are in safe hands. Not only will I get the job done BUT unlike many others I pride myself on a proactive service. I aim to add value to your business and am confident that I can help your business grow beyond what you had ever imagined. I am not boring, stuffy or many of the other preconceptions commonly held about accountants! 


Yes you heard it right, I will never talk down to you, in boring language you need a degree to understand. I will work with you in a proactive way to achieve your business goals and allow your dreams to become reality. If you need something explained in plain English and jargon free then I am your perfect fit. 

I encourage you to ask when you have a query or are unsure about anything I have told you and with my honest, up front and clear pricing strategy you also know you won't receive a huge bill just for picking up the phone or sending over a 2 minute email to ask for advice.

Whether you’re struggling with your start up or looking for assistance with your day to day accounting. Whether it is monthly bookkeeping or changing your accounts on to Excel or software in line with the Making Tax Digital regulations. Even if you have invested in accounting software but have no idea if you are taking up all the allowances available on your tax returns. I can help, plus much, much more.

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Your Business Matters


Excel Bookkeeping & Accountancy Services provides clients with customised accounting support every step of the way. From one off services to regular work, get in touch to see how I can help your business grow. 


Excel Bookkeeping & Accountancy Services cares about your personal and business interests. With tailor-made accounting services at your disposal, I’ll make sure you’re not paying a penny more than you need to in order to support your business.


Tired of trying to keep track of all your customer and supplier accounts in an organised manner? Struggling to keep up with who has paid and who you need to pay? With Excel Bookkeeping & Accountancy Services, you can take the burden of handling finances off your shoulders! For over 10 years, I have provided businesses and sole traders alike with extensive accounting services tailored to their needs.


Excel Bookkeeping & Accountancy Services is able to take control of your credit customers, chasing outstanding invoices and responding to queries on accounts which may be holding up your business from receiving vital funds. Credit control is an option if required for ensuring the smooth running of your accounts.


Completing year end accounts is vital for the business owner. Whether a sole trader, or limited company I can assist you in ensuring your accounts are completed in a timely manner to maximise your business’s potential.


Every business has to start somewhere. If you are unsure what to do first, have no idea how to register with HMRC, or whether you even need to, then we can help. If you’re concerned about costs, no need to panic we offer a 30min free initial consultation which can be remote or via telephone if preferred. We can discuss your requirements and what we can do to work within your budget. All of this will leave you free to concentrate on the important things - getting your business off to a flying start.


Don’t overpay on your tax because you’re unsure what allowances you may be entitled to. Whether you are a sole trader or limited company, a landlord or someone with multiple incomes we can help make sure you submit your documents efficiently and correctly. You can be sure your tax pr VAT affairs are in good hands. Excel Bookkeeping & Accountancy Services is a licensed practise, enhanced DBS checked, insured and qualified.


Excel Bookkeeping & Accountancy Services Norwich provides clients with customised accounting support every step of the way. From checking you have met your personal targets to budgeting for larger projects, I’m here to manage all of your requirements with a personalised, targeted and proactive approach.


When you have multiple staff to pay and demands on your time, Excel Bookkeeping can help. Whether it’s a single employee or many let me take care of your payroll needs.


Excel Bookkeeping & Accountancy Services Norwich, Unit 9, Rogers Yard, Common Lane, Lenwade, Norfolk, NR9 5QR

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